The Eastern Canada Presbytery convened by video-conference on Friday, February 25, 2022.

Teaching Elder Albert Kooy served as moderator over 22 teaching elders and 18 ruling elders. Additionally, 3 licentiates, 6 candidates under care, 1 applicant to be taken under care, and 7 visitors were present. 6 teaching elders were absent, 3 of them non-resident or honourably retired.

Actions of the Presbytery*

  • The Presbytery accepted a petition from Grace Valley Dundas to organize as a particular church. Ryan Swackhammer, Matt Charbonneau, Jeff Heidbuurt, and Mike Deboer were approved as ruling elder candidates for Grace Valley and deemed eligible for election by their congregation. The Presbytery approved the terms of call for Teaching Elder Paul Vanden Brink, and he agreed to accept the terms of call. It was determined that a particularization service will take place at Grace Valley Dundas on April 10, 2022 at 4:00 PM.
  • The Presbytery made a number of changes to the standing rules, as follows:
    • After each Presbytery meeting, the administrative committee will prepare a brief report of the public actions of the presbytery, to be posted on our website
    • Local churches are encouraged to deliver their partnership shares in quarterly installments to ensure that the Presbytery Fund has a sufficient cash flow throughout the year
    • A report regarding the use of non-disclosure agreements was appended to the standing rules
  • The Presbytery sustained Josiah Ling’s examination to be received as a candidate for the gospel ministry under care. Teaching elders Connan Kublik and Moses Lee and ruling elder KJ Drake were appointed as his oversight committee, and Mr. Ling was admitted as a presbytery intern in order to test his gifts for the holy ministry.
  • The following were appointed to committees of commissioners of the 49th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (June 21-24, 2022)
    • RE Bryan Feenstra to Overtures
    • TE Kyle Hackmann to Overtures
    • TE Jeff Hynds to Mission to the World
    • TE Franky Garcia to RUF
    • TE Lyndon Jost to Covenant Theological Seminary
    • TE Michael Chhangur to Admin Committee
    • TE Luke Bert to Interchurch Relations
    • TE Bill Radford to Mission to North America
  • In executive session, the presbytery received the report of the commission appointed to investigate allegations made against teaching elder Dan MacDonald. It was moved, seconded, and carried that the Eastern Canada Presbytery postpone indefinitely a decision on the report, until such time that the third party investigation by Grace Toronto Church has been completed, and the findings have been supplied to Presbytery. It was further moved, seconded, and carried that the Admin Committee be authorized to call a special meeting to consider the findings of the third party investigation after the report of the lawyer is delivered to presbytery.
  • The next stated meeting of Presbytery was set for Friday, June 3, 2022 in Ontario.

*not all actions of the presbytery are listed here for the sake of confidentiality

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