The Presbytery of Eastern Canada oversees the PCA churches, missions, and ministers in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.



Eastern Canada Presbytery (ECP) was the 27th presbytery to be organized by the General Assembly of the PCA. It was formed on June 14, 1982 when the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (RPCES), merged with the PCA. As a result of this historic “joining and receiving,” the 5 RPCES churches in Eastern Canada Presbytery joined the PCA.

The geographical boundaries of ECP at the time of organization were defined as “all of Canada east of the western border of the Province of Ontario.” The boundaries of ECP were significantly redrawn at some point when the presbytery was struggling and small. It was thought that by removing the province of Quebec and a large part of the province of Ontario from its boundaries, it would encourage church planting by other presbyteries.

However, with an increase in growth and expansion, in early 2017, ECP asked the 45th General Assembly to restore its original boundaries. On June 12-16, 2017, the General Assembly approved ECP’s overture.


current as of Oct 27, 2020
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  • Moderator: TE Albert Kooy
  • Stated Clerk: TE Moses Lee
  • Recording Clerk: TE Brian So
  • Parliamentarian: TE Don Codling
  • Treasurer: RE Allan Buist


current as of July 08, 2017
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  • Candidates and Credentials
    responsible for advising all candidates, licentiates and teaching elders applying to and/or preparing to be received by this presbytery as teaching elders of the PCA

    • Maritimes Chair: TE Kevin Rogers
    • Ontario & Quebec Chair: TE Gene Haas
  • Ministerial, Fraternal Relations, and Christian Education
    responsible for receiving and hearing all appeals and complaints from ministers, sessions and congregations, or their members, acting as the agent of Presbytery in pursuing fraternal relations with other Reformed bodies, and for taking responsibility for matters relating to Christian education which come before Presbytery

    • Chair: RE Allan Buist
  • Mission to North America
    responsible for establishing churches within the bounds of the presbytery, and to attend to all matters related to that

    • Chair: TE Ben Jolliffe
  • Shepherding
    responsible for supporting, encouraging, and providing accountability for all elders in the presbytery

    • Chair: TE Joash Schumpelt
  • World Missions
    responsible for oversight of any foreign missionaries sent out by Presbytery and to promote foreign missions in our churches

    • Chair: RE Allan Buist


current as of January 27, 2021

      • 14 congregations
        • 9 particular churches (congregations that have its own elders)
        • 5 missions (congregations that do not yet have their own elders)
        • 2 in New Brunswick
        • 4 in Nova Scotia
        • 8 in Ontario
        • Click HERE for a complete listing of our churches
      • 29 teaching elders (ministers)
      • 34 ruling elders (ordained elders overseeing their own churches)
      • 10 candidates currently under care of the presbytery
      • 2 licentiates (individuals who are licensed to preach regularly in our churches)
      • 1 minister working as missionaries
      • 1 minister working as a chaplain
      • 2 professors
      • 2 ministers authorized to work in non-PCA churches
      • 4 ministers who are honorably retired