For the first time in its history, Eastern Canada Presbytery convened on Friday, October 20 in Moncton, New Brunswick, hosted by Redeemer Community Church (Pastor Kevin Rogers).

Ruling Elder Allan Buist served as moderator over 15 teaching elders and 7 ruling elders. Additionally, 1 licentiate, 2 candidates under care, 1 applicant to be taken care, 1 applicant for transfer of candidacy, 1 applicant for ordination, and 6 visitors were present. 12 teaching elders were absent, 7 of them non-resident or honorably retired.

Actions of the Presbytery*

  • The Presbytery celebrated the organization of New City Church, Newmarket, the installation of Teaching Elder Albert Kooy as its pastor, and the ordination & installation of its first ruling elders.
  • The Presbytery also celebrated the installation of Teaching Elder Christo Heiberg as assistant pastor of Providence Community Church, St. Catharines.
  • The Presbytery made a number of changes to the standing rules, as follows:
    • The Candidates and Credentials, Ontario subcommittee was renamed “Candidates and Credentials, Ontario and Quebec” to reflect the new boundary changes.
    • The two subcommittees of MNA were merged to form one centralized MNA Committee.
    • Because we have moved from two to three stated meetings a year, the session records are now to be submitted to the third stated meeting of presbytery.
    • The Shepherding Committee was formed.
  • Teaching Elder Stephen Welch was confirmed as removed from the rolls of Eastern Canada Presbytery, having transferred to Hanover Presbytery, a different church body.
  • The Presbytery sustained Mr. Luke Bert’s ordination exam; he was ordained on the spot and received as a member of Presbytery. He was authorized to labor out-of-bounds in Quebec as a professor of Old Testament at SEMBEQ seminary and a teaching elder at Église Évangélique Baptiste de Shawinigan-Sud.
  • The Presbytery sustained Mr. Paul Dunk’s licensure exam and licensed him to preach the gospel.
  • The Presbytery sustained Mr. Raymond Wong’s candidacy exam and took him under its care, appointing Dan MacDonald and Lyndon Jost as his oversight committee.
  • Licentiate and candidate Chris Pignatiello was placed under the care of Albert Chung, as Mr. Pignatiello has begun a church planting internship at Trinity Grace Church (non-PCA) in Toronto.
  • The Presbytery approved an inter-presbytery agreement with New York State Presbytery (PCA) to permit Teaching Elder John Garnet (Jean) Zoellner to remain a member of NYS Presbytery while ministering within Eastern Canada Presbytery’s geographical boundaries.
  • The Presbytery renewed TE Paul Vanden Brink’s appointment as evangelist for Grace Valley Mission for another year.
  • The Presbytery unanimously approved the 45th GA’s proposed amendment to BCO 25-3 to increase the quorum for congregational meetings in which the church is considering withdrawing from the PCA.
  • A significant number of changes were made to the committees and officers. Most notably,
    • TE Ben Jolliffe was appointed as moderator.
    • The MNA subcommittees merged to form one centralized committee.
    • TE Ben Jolliffe was tasked with chairing the new Shepherding Committee and removed from the Ministerial Committee pending his consent.
    • World Missions, Ministerial, and obviously the Shepherding Committee saw the most number of changes to its appointments.
  • The next meeting of Presbytery was set for Friday, February 23, 2018 at 10 AM at Grace Toronto Church.


*not all actions of the presbytery are listed here for the sake of confidentiality

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