The Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of Eastern Canada was held at Bedford Presbyterian Church, near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In attendance were 22 teaching elders, 17 ruling elders, and 3 candidates under care.

The stated clerk called the meeting to order and reminded the Presbytery that, on September 1, Teaching Elder Albert Kooy had resigned the office of Moderator, and that the first item of business was to elect a Moderator pro tem.

Ruling Elder Allan Bust was elected.

The Presbytery worshipped together with the stated clerk presiding. The moderator read John 21:15-19 and shared a devotion.

Actions of the Presbytery*

  • In the communications report, the stated clerk reported receiving notice of the following resignation: Ruling Elder Ryan Michel (Grace Toronto Church).
  • The Presbytery reviewed the year-to-date financial statements. A motion was passed to set the 2023 Presbytery partnership shares at $15 per member or $12 per average adult attendee, whichever more fairly represents the congregation.
  • The Presbytery sustained Mr. Stephen Ahn’s examination to be licensed to preach the gospel within the bounds of this Presbytery.
  • During the Shepherding Committee business, Teaching Elder Kevin Rogers gave an update to the Presbytery about his pursuit of a new call. A motion was passed to permit TE Rogers another two years to pursue a call and give a report to the Presbytery at its fall meeting in 2024.
  • The Presbytery voted on appointments to committees in the denomination. TE Kevin Rogers was appointed to the Nominating Committee, which will vet the candidates to be presented for election at the 50th General Assembly in June 2023. TE Mark Hare was appointed to the Review of Presbytery Records committee, which will conduct its annual review of the minutes of all 88 Presbyteries of the PCA in May 2023.
  • The Presbytery elected Teaching Elder Ian Crooks to serve the office of Moderator for a one-year term.
  • The Administrative Committee presented its report reviewing the records of all 15 churches of the Eastern Canada Presbytery. All recommendations contained in the report were approved. Church Sessions were reminded to give an answer where the Presbytery has noted exceptions of substance in their minutes. Exceptions of substance are defined as follows: “Apparent violations of the Scripture or serious irregularities from the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in America, actions out of accord with the deliverances of the General Assembly, and matters of impropriety and important delinquencies” (Rules of Assembly Operations, 16-6).
  • During executive session, the Presbytery received an official complaint against a motion passed at its special meeting on April 22, 2022. For a summary of the actions during executive session, please refer to the Public Use Statement.
  • The next stated meeting of Presbytery was set for Friday, February 24, 2023 at a location to be determined.

*not all actions of the presbytery are listed here for the sake of confidentiality

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