Eastern Canada Presbytery convened on Friday, February 24 at New City Church, Hamilton, Ontario.

Ruling Elder Allan Buist served as moderator over 15 teaching elders and 4 ruling elders. 5 visitors, 3 candidates under care, 1 licentiate, and 1 applicant to be taken under care were also present.

Actions of the Presbytery*

  • A Presbytery Delegate Travel Fund was set up in order to assist delegates from churches who require financial aid to travel to presbytery meetings. The Standing Rules were amended accordingly (5.c.iii.).
  • The Presbytery took under its care a new candidate, Mr. Joe (Kar Ho) Choi and appointed TE Dan MacDonald and TE Lyndon Jost as an oversight committee.
  • Candidate Clovis Oliveira’s name was removed from the roll, as he has accepted a call in Brazil.
  • The Presbytery approved an overture to be presented to the 45th General Assembly to restore the original boundaries of Eastern Canada Presbytery.
  • TEs Albert Kooy, Ben Jolliffe, and Kevin Rogers were reappointed as evangelists for their respective mission churches for another twelve months.
  • TE Gene Haas stepped down from the ministerial committee. TEs Ben Jolliffe (new chair), Bill Radford, and Dan MacDonald were appointed as new members of the committee.
  • Commissioners for the 45th General Assembly were appointed as follows: TE Lyndon Jost to RUM, TE Kyle Hackmann to Overtures (by special approval), TE Bill Radford to MNA (in the absence of a ruling elder), and TE Ben Jolliffe to MTW.
  • The next Stated Meeting of Presbytery was scheduled for Friday, June 23, 2017, 10 AM at New City Church, Newmarket, Ontario.


*not all actions of the presbytery are listed here for the sake of confidentiality

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