Eastern Canada Presbytery convened on Friday, June 23 at New City Church, Newmarket, Ontario.

Ruling Elder Allan Buist served as moderator over 12 teaching elders and 3 ruling elders. 4 visitors, 3 candidates under care, 1 licentiate, 1 applicant to be taken under care, 1 applicant for ordination, 1 applicant for reception from another denomination, and 2 ruling elder nominees to be examined were also present.

Actions of the Presbytery*

  • The Presbytery received all 6 recommendations of the commission tasked with creating a public use statement explaining the situation between a former minister and Grace Toronto Church.
  • The Presbytery adopted all 7 recommendations of the commission that investigated the abrupt dissolution of pastoral relations between a minister and Westminster Bible Presbyterian Church.
  • The Presbytery examined and approved Mr. Philip VanAndel and Mr. Dan Vanderkooi, ruling elder (RE) nominees for New City, Newmarket, as candidates eligible for election by their congregation.
  • It was reported that the 45th General Assembly (June 12-16, 2017) approved Eastern Canada Presbytery’s overture to restore its original boundaries.
  • The Presbytery approved TE Stephen Welch’s transfer to Hanover Presbytery pending his reception at their meeting in September 2017.
  • Mr. Hobbe Smit of New City Church, Hamilton, was taken under care of the Presbytery. TE Connan Kublik, TE Moses Lee, RE John Belder, and RE Varun Rana were appointed as his oversight committee.
  • Rev. Christo Heiberg, a minister in good standing in the URCNA, was examined and received as a minister in the PCA and a member of Eastern Canada Presbytery, pending confirmation of his dismissal from the URCNA.
  • A commission consisting of the Ontario elders, convener TE James Quadrizius, was appointed to install Christo Heiberg as assistant pastor at Providence Community Church in St. Catharines.
  • Mr. Josh Darsaut of New City, Newmarket, was licensed by the Presbytery to preach the Gospel within its bounds.
  • The Presbytery did not sustain the examination of the candidate for ordination.
  • The Presbytery approved the motion that TE Michael Butterfield remain on its roll as being without a call until its next summer meeting.
  • The Presbytery approved the petition from New City Church, Newmarket, to organize as a particular church.
  • The Presbytery approved the call from New City Newmarket to TE Albert Kooy to be its pastor.
  • The Presbytery formed a commission to organize the congregation at New City Newmarket on September 24, 2017, convener TE Brian So, pending the congregation’s regular election of its ruling elder nominees.
  • The next Stated Meeting of Presbytery was scheduled for Friday, October 20, 2017 in Moncton, New Brunswick, hosted by Redeemer Community Church.

*not all actions of the presbytery are listed here for the sake of confidentiality

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